The Project

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project was launched by Prof. Silvana Dalla Bontà in 2010 to raise awareness about the importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution and provide a forum for the development of conflict management skills at the University of Trento – Faculty of Law.

The Project has since then expanded thanks to the active contribution of a diverse pool of actors and the ongoing support from University of Trento Law School Alumni AssociationWashington University School of Law and R&P Legal – Milan.

The main focus of the Project lays on training and educating students to participate in national and international negotiation and mediation competitions. The innovative teaching method provides students with a thorough understanding of conflict dynamics as well as problem solving and effective communication skills.

Equipped with an all-round set of hard and soft skills, students develop an ability to bridge differences and create value by unlocking the full potential of Alternative Dispute Resolution.