The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project allows to improve specific competencies and knowledge in an exclusive international contest. The experience as a coach gave me the opportunity to develop my soft skills and to appreciate how important teamwork is.

~ Alessia Chilese, 2014 ICC Mediation Competition

There is no better gym for jurists to-be than a simulation of concrete cases: a “verbal ring” in which to enter the role of real negotiators. The Italian Negotiation Competition was one of the most useful and appreciated opportunities offered by Università degli Studi di Trento, an opportunity to learn how to overcome shyness by getting used to speaking in public, mastering conflict, understanding multiple styles of negotiation, ethical aspects, social norms and even commercial practices. It also offers what is often rare to encounter in one’s own course of study: an opportunity for hands-on experience outside the classroom!

~ Alice Matteotti, 2017 Italian Negotiation Competition

The experience of the Competition allows you to understand deeply the ADR system and to learn all the different methods through which you can resolve a dispute. The teams challenge each other on concrete cases: this makes the training and the Competition itself more stimulating and closer to a real-life experience.

~ Francesca Turrini, 2020 Italian Negotiation Competition

The ICC Mediation Competition represents a unique learning experience. By giving the opportunity to interact with students, professionals and academics from all around the world, it has allowed me to develop problem solving and cross-cultural communication skills in a challenging context.

~ Anna Toniolo, 2014 ICC Mediation Competition

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project gives the big chance to face the challenges and demands of today’s workplace, among which the ability to work in a team through a correct role playing. Modern businesses look for people who can consciously evaluate conflict (e.g. social, political, economical) and solve it quickly through efficient communication, in any assigned role.

~ Sabrina Canal, 2014 ICC Mediation Competition