The Italian Mediation Competition, a practice test within my academic path, turned out to be an important opportunity for personal growth. The knowledge acquired throughout the preparation and during the Competition greatly added to my personal and professional experience.

~ Rosalba Calò, 2019 Italian Mediation Competition

Mediation competitions help build the precious skill of being able to step in both a client’s and his lawyer’s shoes, which is in turn a critical factor for grasping the complexity of conflict and unleash the creativity needed to find mutually acceptable and workable solutions.

~ Kevin Silvestri, 2017 Italian Mediation Competition

Preparing for the ICC Mediation Competition has taught me invaluable interpersonal and negotiation skills that go far beyond what you learn in class. When you negotiate, you learn how to manage language, body posture and emotions, which add to and complement the legal content of your message. Università degli Studi di Trento is a forerunner in teaching you this and the ICC Mediation Competition is the most challenging playground to become a professional in the field.

~ Federica Simonelli, 2016 ICC Mediation Competition

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project represents a unique and innovative path that allows students to deepen their knowledge of ADR systems, to participate in national and international competitions and to learn useful skills for their professional life.

~ Pietro Maria Vallese, 2019 ICC Mediation Competition

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project gave me the opportunity to participate in the 11th ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition – which was one of the most useful and enjoyable events I attended during my university years. The Competition represents a one-of-a kind opportunity for students and professionals to meet as well as a truly eye-opening experience in international ADR.

~ Giulio Federico Case, 2016 ICC Mediation Competition