Learning to mediate and negotiate was more than an experience of educational and personal growth. It allowed me to meet like-minded students and exchange with experts from different professional organizations, such the National Surveyors’ Association and several Mediation entities. Further, I had the opportunity to acquire skills that have already proven fundamental and necessary to my legal training. Looking back, I can say that the Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project was a real turning point in my development – both as an individual and as a legal practitioner.

~ Lorenzo Baldacci, 2017 Italian Negotiation Competition

Getting involved in the world of negotiation and mediation competitions has been an extraordinary opportunity both to learn from great ADR experts and to improve my personal negotiation and mediation skills, which I truly think are crucial in the majority of legal settings.

~ Marco Castellini, 2018 Italian Negotiation Competition

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project adopts an innovative teaching method that provides students with the opportunity to put knowledge into practice while gaining a deeper insight into negotiation and mediation. Thanks to the Project, I took part in the ICC Mediation Competition in Paris, an event that every year brings together highly qualified professionals and high-level students. This experience was a unique avenue to improve my dispute resolution skills in an international and multicultural context.

~ Chiara Cristofolini, 2012 ICC Mediation Competition

Taking part in a mediation or negotiation competition is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, confront with brilliant opponents and develop new and transversal skills that are indispensable in any daily-life and professional context. Being part of a community of people trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques is highly inspiring and promising for the future!

~ Silvia Dalla Valle, 2018 Italian Negotiation Competition

Participating in the Italian Mediation Competition represented an extraordinary opportunity to first approach the world of mediation and alternative dispute resolution at large. In particular, my experience with the Team and the Coaches’ teachings allowed me to transpose my academic knowledge into a practical and case-based dimension, providing me with a valuable background for my professional development.

~ Giacomo Rigoni, 2015 Italian Mediation Competition