The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project provided me with the experience and opportunity I was lacking to be introduced in the truly transnational environment of international ADR and to get a glimpse of what a career in the field may be like. At the local level, the Project is building a close-knit and dedicated community of students, practitioners, and faculty members I am proud to be part of.

~ Daniele Isidoro, 2020 ICC Mediation

Many years have passed since I participated in the Italian and ICC Mediation competitions. One could say that my research interests and area of expertise (Administrative Law) have little to do with the dynamics of commercial mediation. Although this may be true, I still regard both competitions as milestones in my career path and extremely useful tools for the development of today’s legal practitioners – irrespective of their field of activity.

~ Leopoldo Zuanelli Brambilla, 2013 Italian Mediation Competition, 2014 ICC Mediation Competition

The Italian Mediation Competition was a great chance of growth in every aspect. Training, preparation and commitment were the key to success in the Competition as well as a learning opportunity for myself. The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project teaches future legal professionals about ADR, the new frontier of dispute resolution. The Project provides students with the best problem-solving skills, which are essential for effectively resolving disputes without being entangled in the litigation maze.

~ Giulia Leonardi, 2019 Italian Mediation Competition

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project was more than an opportunity to test the theoretical knowledge acquired throughout my academic path. The Project was a unique chance to work in a team and enhance self-awareness through cooperation and mediation between opposing views.

~ Sara Favaro, 2016 Italian Mediation Competition

Participating in the Italian Mediation Competition was an important stage for my training: it allowed me to put myself on the line and practice the various techniques of mediation and negotiation acquired during my studies. The Competition was a valuable opportunity to network with students and professionals from all over Italy, many of whom I am still in contact with.

~ Andrea Doro, 2019 Competizione Italiana di Mediazione