Students involved in the Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project have learned about sharing and inclusion, building team spirit and working together to achieve common goals, becoming ambassadors for a constructive approach to dispute resolution.

Find out what our students and alumni have to say about the Project and how it has impacted their educational path.

What the Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project taught me is that there is no impasse which cannot be overcome by joining forces and sharing different perspectives.
Having the chance to learn this from incredibly prepared and inspiring students and practitioners is, I believe, a unique opportunity.

~ Marco Baio, 2020 ICC Mediation Competition

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project provides a privileged framework for applying the knowledge acquired throughout one’s studies. My experience as a coach proved to be a valuable opportunity to develop new competencies and challenge myself…while learning from the students!

~ Rachele Beretta, Negotiation & Mediation Team Coach

The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project has been an incredible opportunity of personal growth and study. As a member of the mediation team for the ICC Mediation Competition in Paris, I have learnt what team work means and also learned from my team members.

~ Silvia Pizzo, 2020 ICC Mediation Competition

Participating in the Italian Mediation Competition has been a great opportunity to test the knowledge acquired throughout my university education. A key aspect that I learned during the months spent preparing for the Competition – and which is often underestimated in academic environments – is teamwork: the only real key to success in today’s legal profession!

~ Davide Corraro, 2017 Italian Mediation Competition

I decided to participate in the Italian Mediation Competition to challenge myself, both as a Law student and as an individual. I expected to learn about mediation and its practical implications, but my learning experience went above and beyond that. The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project gave me the chance to put my knowledge and personal skills into practice and understand how to turn conflicts into value-generating opportunities.

~ Giovanna Sabbadin, 2019 Italian Mediation Competition