Student Teams

Every year, students are selected to compete in national and international negotiation and mediation moots. The Conflict Managers of Tomorrow project offers training programs specific to the various competitions UniversitĂ  degli Studi di Trento, Faculty of Law participates in.

International Mediation Team

The International Mediation Team is composed of two groups of students:
Traveling Team: members of the traveling team compete in the moot mediation sessions in Paris;
Non-traveling Team: members of the non-traveling team are actively involved in the training and provide fundamental support to the traveling team.

International Negotiation Team

The International Negotiation Team competes in the Italian Negotiation Competition. Contingent on performance, the Team may advance to the International Negotiation Competition – which is reserved to the winners of national negotiation competitions worldwide.

Italian Mediation Team

The Italian Mediation team competes in the Italian Mediation Competition hosted by the Milan Chamber of Arbitration.