ADR Coursework

Students are required to complete relevant ADR coursework, along with a specific mentoring programme in negotiation and mediation. This multifaceted educational path is based on student-centred learning, with a special focus on: 

– understanding conflict dynamics;

– promoting distributive justice (win-win outcomes); 

– resolving conflicts through a collaborative and interest-based approach

The core ADR curriculum at Università degli Studi di Trento – Faculty of Law features a set of courses taught by faculty members, tutors and practitioners:

Clinic in Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Clinic in Alternative Dispute Resolution bridges theory and practice. Students learn about ADR processes through a combination of lectures and role-play exercises.

Effective Communication & Soft Skills (Skills Lab)

This skills lab uses an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with a broad array of soft skills. Particular attention is devoted to cross-cultural communication.

Negotiation & Mediation Training and Coaching

Peer teaching and a feedback-based approach are the key components of this tutorial. Through role plays, students gain first-hand knowledge of negotiation and mediation.