Competizione Trentina di Negoziato

Let’s Hear from the Participants!

The first-ever intramural negotiation competition at Università degli Studi di Trento took place on 2 December, 2022 in a hybrid online-offline format. 

Competizione Trentina di Negoziato (CTN) was organized by the Conflict Manager of Tomorrow Project (CMT) and provided students with an opportunity to test their negotiation skills while receiving feedback from peer- and expert evaluators.

Students negotiating in the moot court room at Università degli Studi di Trento.

Student negotiators were enthusiastic about the experience and enjoyed challenging themselves at the negotiation table.

The CTN was a great opportunity to test the knowledge acquired during the [negotiation] course. Having to show good command of negotiation theory, skills, and strategy through a competition rather than an exam was an excellent way to master the subject. Mock negotiations and feedback sessions throughout the course allowed us to build up to the Competition and feel comfortable at the negotiation table.

Federico Cadin, student

A unique and challenging opportunity that finally allowed me to experience negotiation first hand. In my opinion, universities should offer more applied courses. Without a doubt, theory is key but largely remains devoid of content if there is no chance to put it into practice.

Tania Zoanetti, student
Prof. Silvana Dalla Bontà, founder and coordinator of the CMT Project, greeting the participants.

Members of the International Mediation Team, who will participate in the upcoming ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris (February 2023), served as peer evaluators. 

The CTN was an important proving ground for the members of the International Mediation Team and a moment of self-reflection.

I am grateful for the chance to participate in the first edition of the CTN as a peer evaluator. Assessing the performance of fellow students was an enriching experience which gave us plenty of food for thought and the opportunity to engage in reflective practice. I believe that this experience will prove crucial in the preparation for the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition. The feedback conversations with professional evaluators were an opportunity of personal growth. I am proud and honored to be part of the CMT Project.

Alice Catalano, peer evaluator

The first edition of the CTN was an unforgettable learning experience. Not only was it an opportunity for the participating students, who put their negotiation skills to test for the first time, but also for the peer evaluators, who delivered feedback for the first time. I am looking forward to applying what I learned at the CTN and I am extremely proud to be a part of the CMT Project.

Elisa Ferretto, peer evaluator

Without a doubt, participating in the first edition of the CTN was an opportunity for reflection and professional development. Being a peer evaluator requires attention to detail, sense of duty, and critical thinking. Participating in the CTN made me appreciate the preparation for the ICC Competition even more. During my previous mock negotiations, I hardly received comments so pointed and feedback so constructive. The comments and feedback obtained throughout the preparation for the ICC Competition helped me in my role as a peer evaluator. I am thankful to Prof. Dalla Bontà and all those contributing to the CMT Project.

Anna Pezzetta, peer evaluator

Taking part in the first edition of the CTN was an honor and a unique opportunity, as it gave me the chance to “go to the balcony” and reflect on my own negotiation style. Further, it helped me understand how verbal and nonverbal language are perceived from an external perspective. To that end, playing the role of a peer evaluator was fundamental for me. Not only does it require greater focus and attention to the dynamics of the negotiation but it also entails responsibilities. At the end of the evaluation, in fact, your own opinion must be weighed against the opinion of other evaluators. All this allows reflecting on the negotiation in a deeper and more accurate way. I am proud of having participated in the first edition of the CTN and I thank Prof. Dalla Bontà and the CMT Project staff for this opportunity.

Andrea Dongili, peer evaluator
Members of the International Mediation Team observing the mock negotiation.

Students and peer evaluators could benefit from the expert guidance of professional mediators and course instructors at Università degli Studi di Trento, who welcomed the initiative and actively contributed to the success of the CTN.

I am glad and proud that the CTN has been added to the educational offer of the CMT Project as it will provide another valuable learning experience for students at Università degli Studi di Trento. Thanks to the CTN, students will be able to experience negotiation first-hand and benefit from a valuable opportunity to prepare for national and international moots. The first edition was a real success and all those involved can call themselves winners!

Corrado Mora, alumnus Università degli Studi di Trento – civil and commercial mediator

Thanks to Prof. Dalla Bontà’s vision and hard work, the CMT Project can now offer one more learning experience to students. Serving as an assessor was a challenging task: I tried to give students some practical tips and food for thought, in the hope it will foster their professional development. Discussing with expert colleagues proved to be a stimulating and enriching experience for me.

Federica Simonelli, alumna Università degli Studi di Trento – civil and commercial mediator
Expert evaluator Maurizio di Rocco, civil and commercial mediator and course instructor at Università degli Studi di Trento, delivering feedback to the participants.

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